I have put together a slow motion clip of the incredible tank battery explosion I posted yesteday from Lamesa, TX that you no doubt have seen all over the news.

I have received some requests from various fire personel from all over asking for a copy of the video for training.  I am going to be putting this on a DVD for that very purpose.  I will be happy to freely give one to any official fire department that wants it for training purposes.  All I as is that you either contact me through email from an official government email address, or you can email me and get my mailing address and send me a request on department letterhead.  I have over an hour of video of this fire.

Just a follow up on the vehicle condition as some have been asking.  I got the estimates today and the damage was even worse than I thought.  Many of the structural members beneath the skin were damaged and have to be replaced, and it’s most likely going to be a total loss for the chase vehicle.

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8 Comments to “Lamesa, TX Tank Battery Fire in SLOW MOTION”

  1. Jeff Gammons says:

    Insane video, David! Looks really cool in slow-mo. Thanks for posting it.

  2. TexarkanaBaby says:

    How can something so scary be so beautiful! The slow motion REALLY is something! The top of the second tank that blew looks like wiggling jello as it floats/wobbles thru the air! Really amazing footage!

  3. Bob Strong Paraparaumu NZ says:

    An extremely good training resource of what can and does happen. Recall a training video some 40 years ago that had the Bleve carefully explained but this is actual footage in slow motion. Well done and stay safe – Kia Kaha

  4. Rick B says:

    Does anybody know exactly what was in the tanks?

  5. Hi. I work at the Caltex Oil Refinery in Sydney, Australia in the Risk Department. The Refinery Firemen work in this group with me. My role is Hazard and Operability Study Facilitator. I collect this type of footage wherever possible so that the members of the safety studies I lead can get a real feeling for what can happen in an industrial incident. This information can really save lives. I would very much like to have your permission to use this footage as part of my work. I will not circulate it outside of my refining group, which includes Caltex and Chevron.

  6. Matt: Please refer to the following about getting copies of the video:

  7. Mike says:

    How can I get a copy of this video and the aftermath video?

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