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Jun 24
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I will attempt to link here to as many SKYWARN sites as possible available on the Internet. This is for SKYWARN groups, rather than individual spotter pages. This list is FAR from complete. Sites will be added as I am aware of them. If you have a link to a SKYWARN group site that is not here, please contact me to add your SKYWARN group's website to our links here. Please report dead or outdated links to me here.

What is SKYWARN you may ask? It's a program coordinated with the National Weather Service, that uses a group of trained volunteers who devote their time and resources when severe weather approaches your area, to observe and report severe weather conditions back to the National Weather Service. They are your eyes and ears during severe weather!

If you are interested in becoming a trained SKYWARN spotter, contact one of these groups in your area, or if one near you is not listed, contact your local National Weather Service Office. They can put you in touch with whoever is running your local SKYWARN group. Check the navigation menu here for more information on the National Weather Service and links to all their offices.

Also, I have recreated the Basic and Advanced spotter guides online that you can read through. These have been updated with recent photo contributions from chaser and spotters. It's not a substitute for actual spotter classes, but there is some great material there, and will give you an idea of what to expect. It's great wintertime study material! You can find that at http://spotterguides.us.

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61 OKLAHOMA - Cleveland County, OK
Cleveland County SKYWARN
62 OKLAHOMA - Eastern OK
Eastern OK / Northwest AR SKYWARN
63 OREGON - Portland OR
NWS Portland SKYWARN Program
64 OREGON - Medford, OR
NWS Medford SKYWARN Program
65 PENNSYLVANIA - Pittsburgh, PA
NWS Pittsburgh SKYWARN Program
66 SOUTH CAROLINA - Greenville / Spartanburg, SC
NWS Greenville / Spartanburg SKYWARN Program
67 TENNESSEE - Memphis, TN
NWS Memphis SKYWARN Program
68 TENNESSEE - Lawrence County, TN
Lawrence County SKYWARN
69 TEXAS - Amarillo, TX
NWS Amarillo SKYWARN Program
70 TEXAS - Coppell, TX
City of Coppell and NW Dallas County
71 TEXAS - Lubbock, TX
NWS Lubbock SKYWARN Program
72 TEXAS - Lubbock / South Plains
South Plains Storm Spotting Team
73 TEXAS - Midland/Odessa, TX
NWS Midland SKYWARN Program
74 TEXAS - Nagogdoches, TX
Deep East Texas SKYWARN
75 VERMONT - Burlington, VT
NWS Burlington SKYWARN Program
76 VIRGINIA - Wakefield, VA
NWS Wakefield SKYWARN Program
77 VIRGINIA - Blacksburg, VA
NWS Blacksburg SKYWARN Program
78 WASHINGTON - Spokane, WA
NWS Spokane SKYWARN Program
79 WASHINGTON D.C. - Balitmore, MD / Washington DC
NWS Baltimore, MD / Washington DC SKYWARN Program
80 WEST VIRGINIA - Charleston, WV
NWS Charleston SKYWARN Program
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