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Jun 25
Featured Storm Chase Vehicles  E-mail
Saturday, 11 April 2009 00:24

This section features other storm chaser's vehicles. Hopefully in time this will grow to better represent the broad range of storm chase vehicles that take to the plains each year. If your a chaser and want to get your vehicle on here, check out the information at the bottom of the page.


Brad has a very nicely equipped Ford Explorer he likes to chase in. These are only a few images of it. To get the full story, check out his web site.



I would like to build this area up to where a broad range of the chase vehicle that take to the plains every year are featured here. If you would like to submit your storm chase vehicle for visitors to view here, please feel free to contact me about how to go about doing that. It doesn't matter if your chase vehicle is basic or extreme. I would like to make this the best CHASE VEHICLE page possible, including images from as many chase vehicles as I can...(and I know there are a lot, because I see you guys out there around the storms!)

You naturally keep the copyrights to your images, and if you need a copyright embossed on the image I can do that for you no problem. I will also provide a link with your images back to your website if you have one, and can include your email address with it if you wish. Images need to preferably be 640x480 or larger (I will size them), but I can work with some that are somewhat smaller.

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