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Jun 25
Back Lift Door Repaint 2002  E-mail
Saturday, 11 April 2009 00:06

During the 2001 Kansas Derecho event, the rear of the van was pelted will all manner of small debris like dirt, vegetation and gravel. This caused quite a bit of chipping of the paint. Over time and many trips to the car wash, the high pressure eventually started getting in there and lifting the paint. As you can see it was getting ugly. I decided the best thing to do was strip the door down and start fresh again.

Here you see how bad it was getting, and in the second image, trim items have been removed, lights have been masked and I am ready to start stripping the paint.

A good aircraft stripper can really make this job go a lot easier. Even so, I had to do it three times! You can see how it bubbles the paint off, then you gently scrap it away. It's very messy and has lots of nasty fumes, so you really have to do this outside! It's pretty tough on the skin too, so you have to protect yourself.

Here you see it has all been stripped and primed and ready to paint, and in the last image all painted and ready for the trim to be replaced. I used Duplicolor spray cans. There are meant for touching up small areas, but if you don't have spray equipment you can get some very good results if you take your time and prep things properly. With Duplicolor, the spray cans contain the exact same paint you would buy to use with professional spray equipment, the delivery method is just different. Don't be fooled though, there IS a lot of work involved.

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