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Jun 25
Twister Museum: Wakita, Oklahoma 2003  E-mail
Sunday, 13 April 2003 03:10

On a chase day when we had arrived in our target area early, we were close to Wakita, OK and decided to stop by there. If the name sounds familiar, it was the town in the movie Twister that one of the main characters Jo's Aunt Meg lived in, and was hit by an F4 in the latter part of the movie.

The film crew spent many months in and around Wakita, OK and in some ways probably changed the lives of the residents of this quiet little community forever. Linda Wade, along with some others run the Twister Museum on the main street in Wakita. The building it is in was actually used as a production office by the Twister crew, and as Linda says, Stephen Spielberg stood on that floor!

It doesn't look like much on the outside, but they have accumulated some pretty cool props from the movie, the most notable being DOROTHY 1, complete with damage from falling out of the sky with the first tornado. Linda has literally hundreds and hundreds of photographs they took during the time the film crew was there. You could spend all day there looking at them, and she has plenty of stories to tell.

If you are ever in northern Oklahoma, you should stop by and visit for a while. Wakita is located about half an hour west of I35 and just south of the KS border.

Main Street in Wakita where the Twister Museum is located. There is Linda Wade that helps run it.

DOROTHY I  movie prop. The scientific instrument pack designed for putting into a tornadoes path.

Some photographs of the man made tornado path through downtown Wakita.

Remember the farm house at the very beginning of the movie? This was it before the film crew got to it, and then after, ready for shooting. Note the storm cellar in the foreground.

This was Aunt Megs house before, and then after they fixed it up, just prior to demolishing it again for the tornado. In the third picture you can see them working on the set.

Linda has tons of autographed memorabilia. This TWISTER pinball machine was donated to the museum by Bill Paxton!

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