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Jun 25
Snow in West Texas 2000  E-mail
Sunday, 24 December 2000 02:47

Our first good snowfall of the year! We had a dusting earlier, which was the earliest recorded snowflakes on record to date, but this was the first significant snowfall.

Our second significant snowfall this season began Christmas night. Last time in memory this happened was in 1986? This one brought an inch of ice and then 10+ inches of snow on top of that. This same system crippled parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas under ice and brought over 20 inches of snow to Amarillo, TX. The ice wasn't as bad here, but you can tell the trees were complaining. The tree in the second picture shed its ice on the west side when the sun came out, but lost a couple of branches. The ice also took down the old cable tv line, thank goodness for satellite tv!

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Home Side Trips! Snow in West Texas 2000