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Jun 25
Cool Radar and Satellite Images  E-mail
Monday, 13 April 2009 05:55

Sometimes in the course of checking storms on radar, or going over a visible satellite picture, I will see something unusual, interesting or just really cool looking and save the image. I will post those here. If you have an interesting or unusual radar image you would like me to post here, please contact me.

A splitting storm over Lubbock, TX (animated radar loop 252 KB)

Macroburst seen on radar from Midland, TX (animated radar loop 196 KB)

Chaff seen on Amarillo, TX radar (animated radar loop 356 KB) released over NM by the military in training. Also note the well defined line east of Amarillo that is the dryline.

Vortex eddies in the low level clouds coming off an island off the coast of Baja California (visible satellite image 61 KB)

On 02.01.2003 as you probably know the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated 39 miles over the surface of Texas. These radar image captured the fall of the debris as it fell into eastern TX and LA. These are in various different modes of the radar. (each of these are 20-22 KB)

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Home Side Trips! Cool Radar and Satellite Images