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Wednesday, 13 April 2005 05:57

Located in Stonewall County near the City of Aspermont, TX, this is a community we often go through several times a year while storm chasing. Originally settled by migrant Germans 2 miles SE of it's present location, its name in 1903 was Brandenburg after a town in Germany. After the railroad passed it by, it relocated to it's present location in 1909 and was called New Brandenburg. To demonstrate their pride and patriotism of their adopted country, they asked the US Postal Service to change it's name, and in 1918 became known as Old Glory, TX. Many descendants of the original settlers still live in the area.

The flag flies proud here over this small part of Texas. In the last two we see the old original post office, and the brand new post office just across the street. Below you can see the historical marker that sits below the flag above.

The text of the historical marker reads:


Stonewall County was created in 1876 by the State Legislature, but the area was only sparsely settled by cattle ranchers before the turn of the century. About 1900, German families who had been living in southeast Texas relocated to this vicinity and settled along the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River. They bought land and started farming, often living in half-dugout structures until lumber could be brought in to build houses and barns.

In 1903, G.R. Shelhage laid out a townsite (2 miles S.E.) and named it Brandenburg after a town in Germany. When the railroad was built through the area in 1908-9, bypassing the small community, the town relocated to this site along the rail line and became known as New Brandenburg.

The community grew rapidly and soon boasted a post office, school, cotton gin, stores and homes. At the outbreak of World War 1, the citizens petitioned the U.S. Postal Service to change the name of the town to demonstrate their patriotism and price in their adopted country. On August 9, 1918, the name was officially changed to Old Glory. Although the town has declined, many descendants of the pioneer settlers continue to reside in the area.

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Home Side Trips! Old Glory, Texas