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Jun 25
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Saturday, 01 January 2000 02:01

Some general catagory misc. images I wanted to share with my visitors!


Some furry friends we have made while chasing. 1st pic: "Bud" the Allsups convenience store door greeter in Matador, TX.     2nd pic: A mooch pooch that showed up on a country road during a chase. 3rd-4th pics: These are "Cassie". This is Dave and Terri Sheets chase partner from Arkansas. 5th pic:  A curious cat trying to figure out what that whirly thing is. 6th pic: Tried to get these ducks to say cheese but all they would say was quacker.


Say hello to my stinky little friend!



Some pictures from around the old SPC/NSSL buildings in Norman, OK.


One year after the May 3rd, 1999 tornado in Chickashae, OK. Parts of the airport were unroofed and are still being repaired. It was very near here that the tornado began that wiped out parts of Moore and OKC.


My friend Scott Clark from Ohio tries out his first Texas fishing hole, and boy did he get a whopper. Even had to toast to it.


1st pic: My car from when I was on the Fire Dept.      2nd pic: One night when we helped catch a seriously drunk driver. (Was driving north bound in a south bound hwy.)


Chasers doing what they do best!


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