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Jun 25
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Thursday, 01 June 2000 01:30

In the summer of 2000, David, Gayla and friend Scott Clark from Ohio took a vacation to Las Vegas and California. On the way to Las Vegas, we stopped to see the Hoover Dam. If you have not seen it, you really should. The thing is absolutely HUGE!! A humbling experience, as Scott put it. These are still images taken with a Canon AE1. Editing note: When I have some time, I want to come back and rescan these pictures. The scanner I had back then was crappy and these have too much jpg compression in them. The prints look much better! I'd like to post larger pics too since more people have broadband now.

The dedication plaque on the dam. The Hoover Dam was originally to be called the Hoover Dam, and was later changed to the Freedom Dam. Later it was changed back to the Hoover Dam in memory of the late president. Some still call it the Freedom Dam. It rests on the Arizona/Nevada state line on the Colorado River. The river comes through here after passing through the Grand Canyon.

As you approach the dam from the Arizona side, you get a glimpse of the Colorado River WAY, WAY down in the canyon below. This was taken with a telephoto lens and was probably about 2 miles down to the river. You can just make out the palm trees and jet skis on the river to give you an idea of the scale. The reason the photo looks "washed out" is the haze between the camera and the river.

Looking down on the dam from the approach above. Look how small the cars are in relation to the dam!

Same scene with a telephoto lens.

Another with the telephoto lens. The water color is incredible when contrast with nothing but rock!

A look at the dam from level with it.

One of the four water intake towers. This is where the water goes through the dam electrical generators.

Looking off the damn on the downstream side. That is a LONG WAY DOWN!

Another look off the dam, a little further up the river.

Good ol' Scott at the state line! This is Scott's first time west of the Mississippi and we took him through 12 states in little over a month's time. He had a blast!

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Home Side Trips! Hoover Dam 2000