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Jun 25
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Monday, 05 June 2000 00:45
The summer of 2000, David, Gayla, and friend Scott Clark from Ohio, took a vacation to Las Vegas and on to LA. Here are a few pics from Disneyland! These are video grabs from analog video, so the quality isn't that great. I have plans in the future as I have time of coming back and actually adding some video here from some of the rides!.

The ghost bride from the haunted mansion. Most of it was in black light and didn't come out well on video unfortunately.

A few video grabs from the Indiana Jones ride.

1st pic: Peter Pan and Captain Hook.     2nd and 3rd pic: Runaway mine train.     4th pic: Scott and Dave try to pick up the cartoon barbell.

SCOTT: " I will kill you for this David!I want to go on record that I think this is a bad idea!"

And few video grabs from the Star Wars/Star Tours ride.

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Home Side Trips! Disneyland California 2000