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National Storm Chaser Convention Trip 2003  E-mail
Thursday, 13 February 2003 00:08

On the last day of January I headed up to Denver, CO to attend the National Storm Chaser Convention (in 2003 it was still called the Colorado Storm Chaser Convention). I had helped promote it by building a website for them and had really been looking forward to it. I got so involved in all the presentations I didn't even think to take any pictures during that. You can find out more about the annual National Storm Chaser Convention at http://chaserconvention.com

On the way to Denver, I took the scenic route through NE New Mexico and got some good images of all the dormant volcano cones in the area, and also some some real buffalo!

Something you usually only see out under the storms. Chaser convergence! The green van was Roger Hill's van, now belonging to Scott Weberpal. The white van here belongs to Tim Samaras, which he uses to deploy his INSITU pressure probe in the path of tornadoes!


Roger Hill's new chase van, with the Motosat DirecWay satellite Internet system on top.


Now see if you can guess what plate belongs to which vehicle!

Although we had had beautiful warm weather, a nasty system was coming in on the last day of the convention, and before I got out of town the snow really started coming down! I drove in blinding snow from Denver all the way to the New Mexico border where I finally got out of it after I crossed the Raton Pass. That was a long evening! To top it off, my alternator started going out before I made it back to Amarillo for the night. Was a great convention though and really looking forward to next year!

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Home Side Trips! National Storm Chaser Convention Trip 2003