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Jun 24
Side Trips
Side Tips are for images from various things that don't fit into the rest of the website. You never know what you might find here. Sometimes on the way to a chase target area, we stop and check out something, or maybe we had a down day, or these could even be a special event or something off season. You just never know what I might put up here! These are just various images I wanted to share with my visitors.

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1 Fireworks July 4, 2009 Lubbock, TX
2 Cool Clouds
3 Cool Radar and Satellite Images
4 Cool Sunsets and Sunrises
5 Old Glory, Texas
6 Twister Museum: Wakita, Oklahoma 2003
7 National Storm Chaser Convention Trip 2003
8 Solar Eclipse June 10, 2002
9 Snow in West Texas 2000
10 Fireworks July 4, 2000
11 Disneyland California 2000
12 Universal Studios California 2000 Part 3
13 Universal Studios California 2000 Part 2
14 Universal Studios California 2000 Part 1
15 Hoover Dam 2000
16 Everything Else
Home Side Trips!