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Jun 25
Severe Weather Awareness Day 2008  E-mail
Thursday, 06 March 2008 04:19

Lubbock, TX - Severe Weather Awareness Week in Texas was February 24 - March 1st this year and concluded here in Lubbock with a Severe Weather Awareness Day at the Science Spectrum. It was a perfect spring-like day outside and over 1000 people attended throughout the day!

KCBD Newschannel 11 was a sponsor of the event, organized by Texas Tech Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society. We brought our chase vehicles out to represent KCBD and let everyone check out the equipment and ask questions about what we do as storm chasers, and how we use the various equipment we have in our vehicles while chasing.

KCBD staff was on hand to sign people up for Thundercall and program SAME codes in weather radios for folks. Our staff meteorologists, John Robison, Steve Devine and Carey Allen were also there to meet and greet and always ready to discuss weather!

There were plenty of cool weather related booths that had kids stacked around them all day learning all sorts of cool weather demonstrations like lightning and electricity, tornadoes, atmospheric pressure, as well as informative booths from various organizations like the National Weather Service (who is also housed in the same building as the Science Spectrum and was giving tours of their office), South Plains Storm Spotters, and of course several from the Texas Tech Atmospheric Science Group.

Texas Tech had these very cool Sticknet Probes which are basically portable mesonet stations they can set up in under 3 minutes anywhere they want to deploy. I am told they can withstand a 3 second wind gust up to 140 mph assuming no debris hits it.

All in all, it was a great day and a fantastic way to kick off the severe weather season here in west Texas. Over 40 people attended SKYWARN classes held by the NWS, and there were certainly no lack of wide eyed children taking in the science and awe of severe weather! No doubt this event sparked some future storm chasers!

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