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Jun 25
How Do I Sell Video to the Media?  E-mail
Wednesday, 06 May 2009 12:13
So you want to sell your storm video to the media like some of the other chasers do? Have you found it difficult to get them to give up their secrets and help you get started? Well now you can!

I have been working as a freelance videographer for the better part of the last decade, specializing in extreme weather and storm chasing. I am often asked by other chasers about how they too can make some money from their video. In the past I have been reluctant as well to provide that information, but no more!

I have written a 31 page crash course guide called How to Sell Your Video to the Media!

This guide gives you the quick information you need to start making money from your video. In this I have shared the best tips from my years in the business to help you get started!

In this guide you will find:
  • Shooting tips on improving your newsworthy video!
  • What type of weather video sells best to the news!
  • How to get your video prepared for sale!
  • How to make your contancts, and how best to handle them!
  • Guidelines on what to charge for your video!
  • How to go about getting paid after the sale!
  • Tips to help you protect your copyright!
  • How to handle stock video sales!
  • Tips on dealing with contracts!
  • Sample invoices and contracts!
The above information alone is worth the purchase price of $49 for this guide. However, I am also including the highly sought after media phone numbers! That's right, the all important contacts to call to sell your video! An entire page of contacts to help you get started making money on your video!

For a very limited time during the launch of this guide, I have decided to offer it at the discounted price of $29! This introductory price will be gone VERY SOON, so
buy your copy now before the price goes up to $49!

PayPal as well as VISA/MASTERCARD Accepted!

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