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Jun 25
Deadly Tornadoes Hit Oklahoma  E-mail
Wednesday, 11 February 2009 17:04

An early season outbreak of severe weather left 9 people dead in the small community of Lone Grove, Oklahoma on Tuesday as a powerful tornado ripped through the area. The supercell storm that spawned the tornado was part of a powerful system that generated widespread severe weather across several states. A chain of supercells formed in central Oklahoma by mid-afternoon and the first tornadoes of the day caused damage in northwest Oklahoma City and then further northeast in Edmond. While there was considerable damage in the Edmond area, only a few minor injuries were reported.

Later in the evening, further south near Ardmore, a supercell that formed in Texas and crossed the Red River produced a large tornado, reportedly half a mile wide, that hit the community of Lone Grove and grazed Ardmore, severely damaging a trailer park and the UPS facility. 9 people are confirmed dead at this time.

Late winter tornadoes are not all that uncommon, but they generally happen further east, in Arkansas, Tennessee and the deep south states. The system yesterday was more typical of a March type setup we would normally see on the plains. In total 5 tornadoes have been confirmed with this system, 3 in Oklahoma, 1 in Texas and 1 in Missouri. Very large hail was also found in copious amounts in the storms in Oklahoma, as large as tennis balls. It would not be surprising to see the damage totals from the hail surpass the damage totals from the tornadoes.

Widespread wind damage was also in store for a large part of the eastern half of Texas as the system formed a powerful squall line that swept across the state injuring 3 people in Central Texas. The Storm Prediction Center recorded 105 severe level wind reports yesterday.

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Home Extreme Weather News Deadly Tornadoes Hit Oklahoma