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Jun 25
Kansas City Damaged by Wind, Tornadoes  E-mail
Friday, 02 May 2008 16:52

During the early morning hours of May 2nd, 2008, a massive squall line of thunderstorms impacted the Kansas City area with winds in excess of 80 mph! A powerful upper level storm system generated a premliminary 20 tornados, 108 damaging wind reports, and 121 damaging hail reports on Thursday through early morning Saturday from Oklahoma to South Dakota. While there was some tornado damage reported in Oklahoma and Iowa, the largest damaging event was the overnight bow echo squall line that hit Kansas City.

While damage assessment is still being done by officials, reports are that along with the high wind event, an embeded high end EF2 tornado, with wind speeds of 111-135 mph hit around 2 a.m.north of Kansas City near Liberty. It also appears that there may have been a couple more embedded tornadoes in this event, but NWS officials are still assessing the damage as of this writing.

So far no serious injuries have been reported, but an estimated 23,000 people are still without power, with as many as 40,000 without power when the event hit. City officials are estimating $40-50 million dollars in damages.

Shawn Allen's home (shown above) was ripped from it's foundation. His bedroom door blew open, and when he got up to shut the window, his whole house lifted off the foundation throwing him into a wall. He managed to get our of his bedroom and down the hall where he fell in the kitchen, and when the lightning flashed, he saw the wall of his house missing, where he was able to escape to the refuge of a neighbors house. Firefighters later rescued his dog from the house unharmed.

The storm system continues today across the Mississippi River valley area and points east, with several damaging tornado events that have already occured.

For a more detailed look at the weather behind this event, be sure and visit my blog.

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Home Extreme Weather News Kansas City Damaged by Wind, Tornadoes