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Jun 25
Tropical Storm Erin Deadly in Texas  E-mail
Friday, 17 August 2007 15:01

As I first wrote about in my blog, IN THE VORTEX, the expected flooding across Texas from Tropical Storm Erin has had disastrous consequences. The death toll now up to 7 since the story above was first aired and the flooding continues now as far northwest as the South Plains of Texas. Topical Storm Erin dumped as much as 11 inches of rain in parts of San Antonio, the Texas Hill Country and Houston in a very short time. As much as 8 inches is currently expected in northwest Texas as well. In Kendall County searches found the body of a man and his son who disappeared after their pickup washed off a bridge and into a creek. The 28 year old son is still missing as of this writing.

Aside from the human factor, this recent round of flooding is also taking a death toll on Texas agriculture, bringing the crop losses this year from the record rainfalls to around 200 million dollars, and this is expected to rise according to the Texas Cooperative Extension.

Unfortunately, it;s not over yet! Hurricane Dean, now classified as a Category 4 major hurricane, is on track to make landfall on the North American continent sometime Wednesday August 22nd, 2007, and forecasts show it could be potentially a Category 4 or 5 when it makes landfall. Right now it appears that it will make landfall near Brownsville, TX or not too far south of there. Either way will mean even more flooding rains across Texas on already flooded grounds, and should it make a shift to the north and take a more direct hit on Texas, we could be dealing with a major catastrophe.

On another note, gas prices today have already started to rise in response to hurricane fears. Fill your tanks up now folks, if this turns even a little more north, we will see the gas prices once again shoot over $3.00/gallon, perhaps even significantly more!

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