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Jun 24
Educational Weather Links

These are links I have found to have exception educational value when it comes to weather, severe storms and tornadoes. Great resources for those doing research! If you have a great educational link you feel should go here, please contact me. Please report dead or outdated links to me here.

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1 Storm Spotter Guides Online
An online, updated version of the old NOAA printed Storm Spotter Guides.
2 Storm Prediction Center
The Storm Prediction Center exists solely to protect life and property of the American people through the issuance of timely and accurate watch and forecast products dealing with tornadoes, wildfires and other hazardous mesoscale weather phenomena. This is where your thunderstorm and tornado watches come from, as well as the severe weather outlooks. Lots of info, archives, etc. Another good research site for students.
3 National Severe Storms Laboratory
The National Severe Storms Laboratory serves the nation by working to improve the leadtime and accuracy of severe weather warnings and forecasts in order to save lives and reduce property damage. NSSL scientists are committed to their mission to understand the causes of severe weather and explore new ways to use weather information to assist National Weather Service forecasters and federal, university, and private sector partners. GREAT research website for school kids!
4 National Hurricane Center
Official source for Hurricane and Tropical Storm information.
5 Texas Tech University: Wind Science & Engineering Research Center
The Wind Science and Engineering (WISE) Research Center at Texas Tech University was established in 1970, following a tornado in Lubbock that caused 26 fatalities and over $100 million in damage.
6 Weather World 2010
From the University of Illinois, a tremendous database of wx information. If your doing research for school, this is a must see! Great place to learn weather and forecasting basics as well!
7 The Non-Tornado Page
A great collection by Roger Edwards that shows some really great tornado look-a-likes that could easily fool people.
8 Tornado Project Online
From the producers of the must have videos, Tornado Video Classics Volumes 1-3. Huge amount of Tornado Information here! Yet another great research site for students.
9 Bad Greenhouse
A page by Alistair B. Fraser regarding the misconceptions about the Greenhouse Effect.
10 Bad Meteorology
A page prepared by Alistair B. Fraser, the object of the material is educational --- to replace bad science with good science.
11 Tornado in a Box
A site by a Wichita, KS NWS employee on how to build your own tornado in a box. Great project for students!
12 Where Tornadoes Strike Most
An article and some links from USA Today on tornadoes.
13 Twister: The Tornado Story
From the WHY files, a very informative article on Tornadoes. Includes a cool interactive tornado!
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