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Jun 25
Engine Head Overhaul 2002  E-mail
Friday, 10 April 2009 23:59

I didn't really take too many pictures of this process, as I was too busy actually doing the work. Earlier in life I was an ASE Certified Automotive Technician, and in fact I have an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology, so I almost always will do my own auto repair work.

This project started out with a fuel injector that was sticking. After replacing the injector and doing some other test it turned out that the engine computer was malfunctioning and had to be replaced. After replacing that and taking care of that problem I decided since I already had part of the engine torn apart I would go ahead and do a head job. The mileage was around 124,000 and I figured at the very least they could use a good cleaning out. New gaskets on an older engine are always a good thing too.

After the project was complete the van runs as good as new and has been extremely reliable! Actually, I have had to do very little repair work outside of the normal stuff you might expect to replace on a vehicle this age. Overall I can highly recommend the Ford Windstar!

Home Chase Vehicles Engine Head Overhaul 2002