A rare White Christmas has visited the plains for 2009!  A blizzard started taking shape on the night of the 23rd, and by Christmas Eve morning blizzard conditions we starting to exit West Texas where as much as 7″ was pretty widespread with some isolated amounts I saw myself (not in drifts either) up to 10″!

This is only the 14th time since 1911 when records began being kept in Lubbock that we had a White Christmas Eve and only the 5th time in that same time period we have had a White Christmas, so despite all the travel problems for people on this holiday, it was quite a rare treat for West Texas.

I of course stayed out and covered the duration of the event for the news!   I was out by 6 pm CST on the 23rd and didn’t get in a warm, cozy bed until about noon on Christmas Eve!

I have uploaded a video to here for you to check out some of the scenes as conditions changed over from rain to snow and then to blizzard!  I have to say, being I haven’t seen this much snow in a while, it was quite fun!

Looks like another potential snow maker for us in the forecast for next week!

Did you have a white Christmas? How much snow did you get?

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