Just a little rant…

My name is David, not Dave.  For some reason, seems like the majority of people want to call me Dave.  I have never given my name as Dave, I don’t go by Dave anywhere. It’s always David. Yet people insist on calling me Dave.  Dave is fine for other people’s names, I don’t hate the name itself, it’s just not MY name, and I wish folks would call me by my own name and not assume I use a shorthand version of it.


6 Comments to “My Name is not Dave”

  1. “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that. ”

    -HAL2000, “2001, A Space Odyssey”


  2. Chris Bradley says:

    Dave Bowie. Doesn’t sound right, does it?

  3. DickM says:

    Can we just call you Double D or D squared? I hate it when people ask me why my name is Dick….

  4. Well, at least we haven’t called him “Davey” yet. 😉

  5. Relix says:

    I googled “David not Dave”, because I’ve been planning on legally changing my name for over a year, and David is what I’ve been leaning to.
    I just thought, “Well, I just wonder if I would be the only person who wouldn’t like it shortened to Dave?”, and sure enough, I’m not.
    I’ve known a few David’s and people did tend to call them Dave, which I understand – I myself will shorten peoples name by habit.
    But I don’t want people to call me Dave, and I’m happy to see I wouldn’t be crazy to correct people if they did so.
    Good rant – I agree completely.

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